Antonio Velardo

While some multi-millionaires  are born into luxury, that is not Antonio’s case. Realizing such achievements in the real estate market has been possible after facing considerable challenges and conquering many obstacles along the way.

He was born in Naples, Italy, in 1977 into a modest family. After completing high school, like many students around the world, Antonio dreamed about traveling around the world. However, rather than venturing himself into the world as a tourist, he was interested in learning how to fly.

When he was just 19 years old, Antonio leaped faith and move to Florida, USA, to pursue the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) license to become a commercial pilot.

Some years later, he completed the required courses at the Phoenix Aviation School in Daytona Beach and received the FAA multi-engine instrumental commercial pilot license. Afterward, he moves back to Europe to convert this license to JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) at Capua Aeroschool and also be closer to his family and friends.

For several years Antonio was flying around the world, lived in many different countries, and experienced numerous cultures “searching for answers,” as he says.

Quite suddenly, Antonio realized that the pilot’s lifestyle wasn’t what he truly wanted. His ambitions were higher. Therefore, he concluded that, despite his love for flying, as a career, it was limiting his options and preventing him from truly “spreading his wings to fly.

Emerged as a more mature individual, Antonio went back to school and enrolled in Loughborough University, where he graduated with top honors and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. It was just the beginning of a successful career in real estate.

Antonio started working in Spain and Cape Verde in real estate sales. Shortly after, he reached top positions within the organization and later on started his own projects. He became a very prosperous real estate investor and developer in Italy and North Africa.

He expanded operations throughout Europe, and when the crisis of 2008 crashed, to the United States where his companies bought distressed assets from banks and turned them into positive cash flow investments.

Antonio is passionate about learning; He completed a master’s degree in mass communication and social media at the University of Florida. In addition to various courses in corporate finance, marketing and business related topics.

Now, as a business entrepreneur, Antonio continues to travel the world looking for business opportunities. That led him to Latin America and the Caribbean, where he is developing high-performance projects.

With a clear vision for the future of finance and real estate, Antonio’s latest efforts have been towards blockchain technology. He graduated from the Blockchain strategy program at the University of Oxford and is currently enrolled in the Nicosia University Master in Digital Currency.