Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with VisionForex, an Italian channel dedicated to finance and investment opportunities, to discuss the potential that Stellantis (NYSE: STLA) holds for value investors. In the interview, titled “Investire oggi qui conviene davvero? Ecco il perché” (“Is it really worth investing here today? Here’s why”), we explored why Stellantis, despite facing significant industry challenges, presents a compelling investment opportunity.

The Current Landscape in the Automotive Sector

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformative period, marked by the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs). Stellantis, like many of its competitors, has struggled to keep pace with industry leaders such as Tesla and BYD. This lag in innovation is compounded by high interest rates, which are making it increasingly difficult for consumers to finance new vehicle purchases.

Addressing Quality and Brand Perception Issues

One of the critical points I discussed was Stellantis’ brand perception, particularly in the American market. The company has faced several recalls affecting key models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and brands such as Citroen, DS, Opel, and Peugeot. These recalls, primarily due to safety concerns, have undoubtedly impacted consumer trust and sales. However, I believe that these challenges, while significant, also present an opportunity for the company to improve and rebuild its reputation.

Analyzing Financial Performance and Market Sentiment

Stellantis’ recent financial performance has been mixed. The company reported a 12% year-over-year drop in net revenues and an increase in unsold inventory. However, there have been modest gains in the sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and low-emission vehicles (LEVs), indicating potential for future growth.

From a value investing perspective, I find Stellantis’ current valuation particularly intriguing. The company holds $19.5 billion in net positive cash and offers a sustainable dividend yield of 7.5%. This strong financial foundation suggests that the market’s current pessimism may be overblown.

Investment Potential and Valuation

During the interview, I employed a conservative valuation approach, including the Earnings Power Value (EPV) model developed by Professor Bruce Greenwald. Despite a pessimistic outlook, the analysis revealed significant upside potential, making Stellantis a strong candidate for value investors. The company’s commitment to reinvestment, evidenced by substantial capital expenditure, further supports this optimistic view.


In conclusion, I rated Stellantis as a strong buy. While the company faces numerous challenges, its robust financial position and undervaluation provide a solid investment opportunity. For those willing to take a calculated risk, Stellantis offers the potential for substantial returns as market conditions normalize and the company’s initiatives begin to pay off.

Watch the Full Interview

For those interested in a deeper dive into my analysis, I encourage you to watch the full interview on VisionForex’s YouTube channel. The video, “Investire oggi qui conviene davvero? Ecco il perché,” provides a comprehensive overview of why investing in Stellantis might be a smart move in today’s market.

Watch the full interview here